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Frequently Asked Questions about our high speed internet. 

  • How does squrle work where my phone or existing data connection doesn't?  Squrle routers have larger multiple aerials and technology that is not in your phone or standard "data dongle". This enables them to get more from any available signal that is there. They can connect in some areas where you cant get a signal at all or they receive from the signal which has the effect of making a week signal "stronger".

  • What can i do if the squrle router still doesn't connect?  in the most remote of areas you can still find total deadspots where even squrle routers wont connect, however even here you may still be able to get superfast internet by adding an external aerial to your squrle router. These are available from our shop. 

  • How much does it cost?  The routers start at £150 and all routers have a Per calendar month data subscription starting at £22.50 and going to £55 inc VAT for unlimited, which is collected via Direct Debit at the start of each month. 

Case Studies

We are building a regular set of case studies, demonstrating how squrle has helped connect different people - check back soon for more.