squrle | internet that reaches further

high speed internet that reaches where others don't at up to 600Mbs

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ultrafast internet to remote areas

the latest technology allows us to offer faster connections where others can't connect

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squrle | connecting the rural business

with more and more businesses working from rural areas - we give superfast speed where you wouldn't expect it

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squrle | connecting the adventurer

High speed connections for high speed living

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squrle | connecting agriculture

providing super fast connections to agricultural communities

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squrle | connecting the sailor

with coverage in most costal waters - your boat can have a super fast connection

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Ultrafast Internet that reaches where others can't | up to 600mbs - from just £22.50 per month.

Our devices use the latest 4G and 5G connectivity and powerful aerials to enable fast internet to the most remote of locations - often providing faster connections than cable alternatives and in areas your mobile wont connect.

From your home office in the city to rural communities, or even whilst camping, we can provide super fast internet in areas normal data connections can't.

Bringing you freedom

Freedom to travel, work and play wherever you want.

No installation costs & immediate connections for your office, home or holiday.

Plug & Play

No complex set up or delays for your connection. Just plug the box into your power source or our optional battery and you will be online in seconds

Faster internet that reaches further

Advances in technology enable stronger connections in more remote locations than ever before

  • Ultrafast speeds

    Up to 600Mb connections up & down. Even when other devices can't connect.

  • Plug & Play

    Just connect to power and you will be online in seconds. No set up. No installation delays.

  • Streaming

    Relax with a film anywhere. Watch Amazon & Netflix as much as you want with Unlimited data.

  • Use anywhere

    From your boat or camper van to remote farm or hilltop retreat.

squrle internet | what makes it better?

Making more of the signal

Our devices connect to the weakest of signals, giving higher speeds when compared to other data connections.

Immediate connection

No waiting. No installation. Just plug your squrle device into power and you will be online.

Unlimited data

Stream your favourite movie, band or participate in that zoom call. Connect like being at home. Or maybe even faster!

Completely portable

Use anywhere with our optional power pack, our devices can be used anywhere you can get signal - even areas where your phone cant connect!


"squrle gave us over 65Mbs in the middle of the Scottish Highlands - amazing"

"My garden office now has better internet than my home - thank you!"

"our farm only ever got 10mb on 4G, now we have over 150mbs"